Rabu, 05 September 2018

Alcatel Ideal 4060A Stock ROM Firmware

Here is the Alcatel Ideal 4060A firmware that you can download and install on your device. We also provide tutorial to install the Alcatel Ideal 4060A stock ROM from our dedicated tutorial section provided on this post.

The benefits of installing Alcatel stock ROM is of course to bring your phone back to its original settings. And then to fix any possible technical errors such as bootloop, soft bricked and etc.

Alcatel Stock ROM Firmware

So you are recommended to install the Alcatel Ideal 4060A stock ROM and that will also erase your existing personal data, therefore make backup first.

And let's download and install the stock ROM by continuing reading this post right now.

Download Alcatel Ideal 4060A firmware (Flash file)

See the following stock ROM information.
  • File name of stock ROM: Alcatel_Ideal_4060A_5.1.1_QFIL.zip.
  • Android version: Android 5.1.1.
  • File size: 825.66 MB.


The benefits installing the stock ROM are.
  • You will restore your device's warranty -- Only if it's valid.
  • You can fix technical errors such as bootloop or soft-bricked.
  • You will revert your device's to its stock settings.
  • You will make it looks like the first time you bought it.

Make backup before flashing the stock ROM because the process of firmware flshing will erase your personal data.

Instructions to flash Alcatel Ideal 4060A firmware

Before going to the steps, here are what you need to have and do first.
  • A computer.
  • A USB data cable.
  • Lenovo Downloader Tool.
  • Backup your personal data.

Notes. Make sure you follow the entire steps without skipping any of them or you might end up bricking your device.
Step 1 -- Download Lenovo Downloader Tool and then extract the file. You will find a list of files like the following guys.


Step 2 -- You need to also install Android USB Driver, ignore this step if you have done it.

QComDloader 1

Step 3 -- Once your device is connected to PC, you can click the QcomDloader.exe file.


Step 4 -- On Lenovo Tool interface.

Download Lenovo Downloader Tool

Step 5 -- Now click the Load button to get the firmware you have downloaded to your computer.

Use Lenovo Downloader

Install Firmware On Lenovo

Step 6 -- You may click the Start button Option to begin the flashing processes.

Download Firmware

Step 7 -- Power off your device now and uncheck Fastboot and press and hold Volume Up and Volume Down and connect your Android device to PC with USB Data Cable.

Connect Device To PC Computer

Step 8 -- After your device is detected then Lenovo Downloader will automatically install the firmware

Flashing Process Lenovo Downloader

Step 9 -- The installation process is usually taking about 5 to 10 minutes to finish. Once the installation process is finished you will see the Green Passed Message.

Successfully Installed Firmware Lenovo Downloader

Congratulations my friend you have successfully installed the firmware.


{1}. Make backups. Do not forget to make necessary backups toward your existing personal data before installing the stock ROM.

{2}. Install original IMEI. Once you have done installing the stock ROM then you need to install the original IMEI if it's included in the firmware zip file.

{3} If you want more firmware, then you are invited to visit our Alcatel stock ROM firmware page.

{4}. Credits go to the Alcatel for providing this stock ROM firmware.