Sabtu, 23 Juni 2018

ZTE U950 Stock ROM Firmware

Here is the ZTE U950 firmware to be installed on your device. On the ZTE U950 stock ROM you will find the flash file, flash tool, IMEI and manual instructions to flash it.

And on this post you will not only find the download zip file for ZTE U950 firmware but you will also be guided to flash the stock ROM as well.

ZTE Firmware

The benefits installing the stock ROM are.
  • You will restore your device's warranty -- Only if it's valid.
  • You can fix technical errors such as bootloop or soft-bricked.
  • You will revert your device's to its stock settings.
  • You will make it looks like the first time you bought it.
Make backup before flashing the stock ROM because the process of firmware flshing will erase your personal data.

Download ZTE U950 stock ROM

See the detail file information.
  • ZTE Model: ZTE U950
  • Android ROM Version: 4.2.2
  • Firmware File Size: 259 MB


    Instructions to flash ZTE U950 firmware

    Before going to the steps, here are what you need to have and do first.

    Notes. Make sure you follow the entire steps without skipping any of them or you might end up bricking your device.

    Step 1 -- Download and extract the stock ROM firmware zip file.

    Step 2 -- On the extracted folder of the stock ROM firmware you will get the firmware file, flash file, the original USB Drivers and the manual guides to install the software to your device.

    Step 3 -- Install the original USB Drivers if you have not done it. If you have then skip this step.

    Step 4 -- Then follow the manual guides to install the stock ROM firmware to your device.


    {#} Make backup first. Before you flash the above firmware to your device it's recommended to firstly make necessary backups.

    {#} Flash IMEI. You need to also flash the original IMEI after flashing the firmware to your ZTE device.

    {#} More firmware. You can go to our ZTE stock ROM page that's dedicated to find all the available ZTE official firmware.

    {#} Credits. ZTE firmware is released by ZTE to help its users fixing or restoring their device.