Jumat, 22 Juni 2018

Download Zelta Q95 Stock ROM Firmware

Download Zelta Q95 stock ROM firmware (Flash File) and learn to install Zelta Q95 firmware from this post. On the firmware zip file you will find the flash file, flash tool, the original stock ROM and manual guides to install the stock ROM file.

You should use this Zelta Q95 stock ROM in case you need to restore your Zelta device to the original settings or simply want to fix the technical errors such as soft-bricked or just want to bring back the lost device's warranty.
Download Zelta Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File)

Benefits for installing the stock ROM firmware

  • Fixing bootloop or soft-bricked to your device.
  • Restoring warranty of your device.
  • Bringing your device back to its stock settings.
  • Making your device's like new.

Download Zelta Q95 stock ROM firmware (flash file)

See the detail file information.
  • File Name: Zelta Q95 Stock Android ROM
  • Total Size: 874 MB


Instructions to flash Zelta Q95 stock ROM firmware

Before going to the steps, here are what you need to have and do first.
  • A computer.
  • A USB data cable.
  • SPD Upgrade Tool.
  • Backup your personal data.

Notes. Make sure you follow the entire steps without skipping any of them or you might end up bricking your device.
Step 1 -- Now install the USB driver -- skip this step if you have done it. Open the SPD Upgrade Tool by clicking the ResearchDownload.exe file on SPD Upgrade Tool folder.

Open ResearchDownload Tool

Step 2 --
On the SPD Upgrade Tool interface,just click the Load Pocket.

Load Firmware Research Download

Step 3 -- Select the firmware file and then you must click the Open button.

Load Firmware Research Download Now

Step 4 -- SP Upgrade Tool will load the stock ROM firmware file, after it's loaded, then connect your Android device to computer.

Connect Android To PC

Step 5 -- Now click the Start Downloaded button to begin installing the stock ROM to your Android device.

Flash Stock ROM Firmware Using Research Download

Step 6 -- Your Android device will reboot for a few times automatically during the installations.

Step7 -- After it's finish, then you will be notified with a green message saying Previous Passed, that means the entire installation processes are done.

Successfully Installed Firmware Research Download

Well done guys because you have successfully installed the stock ROM on your beloved Android device.


{1} Make backup first. Installing the Zelta stock ROM firmware flash file will wipe out your existing personal data therefore I highly recommend you to firstly make necessary backups beforehand.

{2} Flash the original IMEI. After you have successfully installed the Zelta stock ROM firmware flash file then you need to also install the original IMEI afterward.

{3} More stock ROM firmware. In case you have a different Zelta device then I invite you to visit our dedicated page namely Zelta stock ROM firmware flash file and find your preferred flash file there.

{4} Credits. Zelta stock ROM firmware (flash file) is officially created, optimized, developed and distributed by Zelta to which all credits must be given to the company for making these very useful software available for us all to use.